Meet the Drivers: Thomas Weir

This month marks the introduction of our new Meet the Drivers feature. Here we delve into the professional life of the men and women who work in one of the country’s most demanding and important jobs – commercial driving.

In this edition, we connect with Thomas Weir, a Class 1 Driver in Scotland. Thomas joined Bluestones Supply Chain’s Glasgow team in 2021 and works for the company throughout Scotland. Read on to learn more about his role, what his day-to-day job involves, and his experience of working with Bluestones Supply Chain.

How long have you worked with Bluestones Supply Chain?

11 weeks.

How did you find out about Bluestones Supply Chain?

I first heard about Bluestones Supply Chain through a friend, who is also a Class 1 Driver.

What do you enjoy most about working for Bluestones Supply Chain?

I’d never worked with an agency before so I’m enjoying the flexibility of the shifts and that I can regularly move to different hauliers to keep the work varied and enjoyable. In terms of Bluestones Supply Chain, I enjoy working with Tracey as her communication’s great and she always does her best to get me shifts to make sure I’m earning money on the days that I’m available.

What do you do in a typical working day?

The job I’ve been working on in the last few weeks typically involves making multi-drop deliveries all over Scotland, from as far north as Elgin right down to the borders. After I arrive at the depot around 5am, I pick up my paperwork, hook up the trailer, complete a walk-round check then I set off with a coffee and talkSPORT on the radio – perfect!

The shifts usually last between eight and 12 hours depending on the route. It’s clean, easy work, and the balance of driving and unloading really suits me so I don’t get fatigued and burnt out.

Describe your experience of working for Bluestones Supply Chain?

Working with Bluestones Supply Chain has been an absolute pleasure so far. The wages are night and day compared to what some other agencies and hauliers are offering and everyone I’ve spoken to in the office has been very friendly, professional, and helpful – which isn’t always the case.

Would you recommend Bluestones Supply Chain to other drivers? If so, why?

If you want to gain more experience as a driver and sample what it’s like working for other hauliers across Scotland whilst earning good money in the process, then I can’t recommend Bluestones Supply Chain highly enough!