Make a referral.

Refer three HGV drivers all in one go or anytime within 12 months and we’ll give you £1,000 to say thanks!
  • Our referral scheme bonus is only available for drivers
  • Candidates must work eight weeks before becoming eligible for the referral bonus
  • Candidates must not already be known to Bluestones Supply Chain
  • Payment will be made to the first person who refers an individual
  • People who are referred must know they’re being referred by the person referring them
  • All referrals must be made prior to registration
    We reserve the right to reject claims that don’t adhere to these rules
  • Only referrals submitted through this form will be accepted
  • Three eligible referrals must be made in order to claim the £1,000 bonus
  • You will need to contact us as soon as your referred drivers have completed their eighth full week with Bluestones Supply Chain.