Where would we be without dash cams? Some of the footage they capture is mental, from the hilarious to the downright dangerous. Unsurprisingly, dash cam ownership has gone from 1% to 15% in just 4 years – most insurance companies now accept dash cam footage as evidence of a car incident, it helps people relive near misses and humours happenings, prevents taxi, bus and coach drivers from facing potentially hazardous situations and assists the police in prosecuting dangerous drivers.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 craziest, stupidest and most dangerous dashcam videos.

  1. In this clip from Germany, an impatient driver tries their best to get in front of a lorry – just watch what happens.

2. Some vehicles just want to be birds and something like a roundabout isn’t going to stop them from spreading their wings.

3. Do you ever watch police chase footage and think “Just give up already!”? You’ll be thinking that again and again while watching this one.

4. There are people out who just have a need for speed, it doesn’t matter who is in their way as the people driving down this English country road found out.

5. When a lorry and a Ford came into contact on a sharp bend you can guess who came out worst.

6. This is why you should check your mirrors and check them again…..and then again one more time for luck.

7. You just wouldn’t believe the nerve of some people – dash cams don’t always capture real “accidents”.

8. It’s not always front facing dash cams that capture footage. Having a rear facing dash cam is just as beneficial in capturing dangerous driving.

9. Not quite dash cam footage, but this crazy. We call this one “When you remember you left the oven on”.

10. Road rage is real, and people aren’t afraid to use their car as a weapon.

And, a Brucie bonus – there is a light at the end of the dangerous driving tunnel.

If you have dash cam footage you’d like to submit to your local police for review, you can via the National Dash Cam Safety Portal. It’s worth noting that by using this service you will be filling out an official police report, so you should treat it as such.

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