Warehouses can be potentially dangerous places if correct health and safety procedures aren’t followed and common sense isn’t used. While it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safe running of the warehouse, every member of staff working on the floor play a part in making sure their working environment is safe and procedures are followed.

Here are a few safety dos and don’ts to help you while working in a warehouse. 

Working in warehousesDo use safe lifting techniques –

Chances are if you’re working in a warehouse, you’ll be lifting or moving something at some point in your shift. For items that can be manually lifted, make sure you keep your back straight and use your legs to lift. Make sure you can see over the load and don’t twist your back while carrying it. For loads that are too heavy to lift manually, make sure you use a dolly, a hand-truck, or a forklift.

Do report everything following warehouse procedure –

When you first start working in a new warehouse make sure you go over its procedures and health and safety policies. You might be well versed in health and safety policies from other warehouses you have worked in, but different warehouses reporting procedures may vary. Once you’re up to date with a warehouses way of working you can ensure you report everything correctly.

Do use safety equipment at all times –

Safety equipment is there to protect your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, not using it puts everyone working in the warehouse at risk. Make sure you wear personal protective equipment like eyewear, a hard hat or ear defenders when required, and use equipment designed to protect workers health and safety. Safety equipment is implemented to minimise workplace injury, so although it may be time-consuming to use it, it protects everyone’s safety in the long run.

Don’t smoke in the warehouse –

This should be a given. Even if the warehouse you’re working in doesn’t have a “no smoking” policy, you shouldn’t be lighting up inside anyway. Always find a designated smoking area if you do want to smoke and ensure you’re doing it during a break time.

Don’t leave rubbish and debris lying around –

As well as making the warehouse look untidy, rubbish and debris left strewn around can be extremely dangerous. Rubbish left in aisles and amongst racks can cause slips, trips and falls and can act as a fuel for fires.

Don’t wear inappropriate clothing or jewellery –

Some warehouses may provide a uniform, if they don’t, practice common sense when dressing before your shift. Don’t wear loose fitting items or clothes with pieces that hang off like drawstrings or hoods. These are all things that could potentially get caught in machinery or shelves and could cause a fatal accident. The same goes for jewellery, avoid wearing any pieces that could get caught or lodged.

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