Meet the team: Chloe Hogg

Throughout our Meet the Team series, we’ve been introducing the remarkable members of our team, offering you the opportunity to delve into their backgrounds and discover their passion for the supply chain sector.

In this fifth instalment of our Meet the Team series, we’re marking an amazing six years of hard work and dedication and introducing our amazing Derby Branch Manager, Chloe Hogg! 


In your role, what do you do?


I wear many hats to make sure our branch runs smoothly. I oversee day-to-day operations and keep an eye on our team’s performance. Building strong client relationships is also a priority, so I get out to visit them regularly. I’m there to support our candidates too, helping with tasks like booking shifts, resolving issues and answering any questions they may have. I am also responsible for handling our weekly payroll, ensuring everyone gets paid accurately and on time. Plus, I’m always ready to lend a hand wherever needed, but admittedly, I do dip out of the tea run!


How did you come to work in this role?


I joined the team back in 2018, initially as a part-time Payroll Clerk. At that time, I was looking for a way to keep myself busy and engaged, as I found myself feeling a bit restless staying at home.

After starting part-time, I quickly realised that I enjoyed the work and wanted to take on a full-time role. So, I began applying for other positions elsewhere. Then, Tiff, our Managing Director, approached me about going full-time as a Recruitment Consultant within Bluestones Supply Chain Derby – an offer I couldn’t refuse. Over the next two years, I honed my skills in this role, learning the ins and outs of the industry and building strong relationships with both clients and candidates.

In recognition of my work within the company over two years as a Consultant, I was promoted to the position of Senior Consultant, a role I held for six months. Then, in 2021, I was thrilled to receive a promotion to the role of Branch Manager. It’s been an exciting journey, and I’m proud to have taken on increasing responsibilities and challenges during my time here. I’m committed to continuing to contribute to our team’s success and helping both our clients and candidates achieve their goals.

What do you enjoy most about your role?


What I enjoy most about my role is the genuine connections I get to build with our clients and candidates. It’s all about getting to know them on a personal level. I find it incredibly fulfilling to understand our clients’ unique needs and challenges, which allows me to tailor our services to make a genuine impact on their business and bottom-line. Moreover, I take great pride in being able to provide valuable opportunities to workers, helping them grow in their careers. Witnessing their success and growth is truly rewarding.

Lastly, our office environment is fantastic; we have a close-knit team that fosters a sense of camaraderie. The collaborative spirit and support we offer one another make coming to work every day a pleasure. This combination of meaningful connections and a supportive team atmosphere makes my role both fulfilling and enjoyable.


What do you enjoy about working in the supply chain industry?


Working in the supply chain industry is genuinely rewarding. There are a few aspects that I find particularly enjoyable. First and foremost, I love the challenge of solving complex logistical problems. It’s like putting together a giant puzzle, and when all the pieces align perfectly, it’s incredibly satisfying. Additionally, I relish the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people from various backgrounds and experiences. The supply chain industry brings together professionals from all walks of life, and this diversity of perspectives means no two days are ever the same.

 Most importantly, I take pride in the fact that my work directly affects client and candidate satisfaction. Knowing that our efforts contribute to the smooth functioning of operations, and subsequently, the happiness of our clients and candidates, is genuinely fulfilling. It adds a sense of purpose to what we do, and that’s what makes working in the supply chain industry so enjoyable for me.


What do you enjoy most about working with clients?


What I find most rewarding about working with clients in the supply chain industry is the collaborative nature of our relationships. It’s not just a transactional engagement; it’s a partnership built on trust and mutual understanding. I enjoy the opportunity to dive deep into our clients’ unique challenges and goals. This in-depth understanding allows me to tailor our solutions to their specific needs, and it’s incredibly rewarding to witness the positive impact we can have on their operations. 

What’s more, the supply chain industry is ever evolving, and I appreciate the continuous learning and problem-solving it demands. Working closely with clients provides a front-row seat to industry trends and innovations, which keeps me engaged and motivated. 

Ultimately, the satisfaction that comes from helping our clients navigate the complexities of the supply chain and achieve their objectives is what I enjoy most about my role. It’s about making a meaningful difference in their success, and that’s what makes this profession both fulfilling and rewarding.


What do you enjoy most about working with candidates?


What I find most fulfilling in working with candidates is the opportunity to guide their career journeys. Beyond just matching qualifications, it involves building personal connections, understanding their aspirations and directing them toward roles that truly align with their skills and goals. The supply chain relies on talent, and linking skilled professionals with employers who appreciate their expertise is not only satisfying but also contributes to industry growth. Ultimately, what I enjoy most is witnessing candidates thrive and knowing I’ve played a part in their success.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?


Outside of work, I like to keep things balanced and enjoyable. My family is a top priority, and I love spending time with my husband and two wonderful children.

To stay active, I hit the gym at 5am, which I feel sets me up for the day perfectly. I also love taking leisurely walks with my sausage dog. When it’s time to unwind, you’ll often find me with a good book or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. I also enjoy occasional trips to destinations like Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a change of scenery.

And, of course, I have some guilty pleasures too, including a Starbucks coffee and enjoying a bit of retail therapy. These activities outside of work help me maintain a healthy work-life balance and keep life interesting.


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