The leaves are falling off the trees and there’s a certain chill in the air as the time of year approaches when everyone shares their best ghost stories and attempt to scare their friends, but it isn’t just houses that are haunted – throughout the UK there have been numerous reports of supernatural activity on many roads, highways and motorways.

Whether you’re superstitious or not, have you experienced anything a bit weird on any of these allegedly haunted UK roads?

A75 Scotland

Scotland’s primary trunk road is reportedly one of the most haunted highways in the United Kingdom, with documented reports of ghostly happenings going back over 50 years. Supposedly, screaming hags, eyeless phantoms and unearthly creatures appear to spook motorists on the Kinmount straight, between Carrutherstown and Annan. Some drivers have even been convinced they have run someone over when a phantom figure has emerged from the dark and jumped in front of their vehicle.

Most haunted roadsApparently, one lorry driver was so freaked he left the profession, after waking in the middle of the night and witnessing a parade of bedraggled people pulling handcarts and carrying bundles like medieval camp followers.

A616 Stockbridge Bypass

Another road that could take the title of “most haunted” is the Stockbridge bypass that links Sheffield to Manchester. Local legend has it that a monk, who fell out of favour with the church and was buried on the land in an unconsecrated grave, still roams the area. It is also stated that many decades ago, numerous children fell down mine shafts on the land and perished, their bodies never recovered.

Reports of paranormal activity go back to 1987 when construction of the road began. The first recorded incident was reported by two security guards – while on patrol they witnessed a group of children dressed in Victorian clothing, singing and dancing in a field that ran alongside the construction site. As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared leaving the guards baffled. Before they could come to terms with what they had seen, a mysterious hooded figure appeared on the top of the newly constructed Pearoyd bridge, fading before their eyes when one went up to investigate.

As well as reports of children playing near the road and “the monk on the bridge”, there have been sightings of a black dog who runs out into the road and people that have claimed they’ve experienced bangs on their cars, “as if someone is on the roof.”

Statistically, the road has one of the worst accident records in the region, and motorists have claimed they have had to swerve their vehicles out of the path of ghostly apparitions that have appeared in the road.


The M6 is the longest motorway in the country, and one of the busiest, so it’s no surprise it’s another of the most haunted roads in the UK.

Roman soldiers marching up and down the road, a troubled woman asking for a ride and a phantom lorry driving the wrong way along the carriageway are some of the things that have been reported to have been seen along the six lanes wide road. Motorists have also reported eyes looking out from the bushes in Platt Lane, Leigh, Manchester – the scene of a mining disaster in 1908.

A well-known accident blackspot, between junctions 16 (Crewe) and 19 (Knutsford) is a perfectly straight stretch of road with few distractions, but locals and police have all agreed that many of the accidents have been caused by drivers who have been distracted by the ghostly presence of royalist horsemen slain by locals in English civil war.