Best apps for lorry drivers

As David Brigdale (Bluestones Supply Chain’s operations director) put it so well, “back in the day when I was a lad/driver we used good old-fashioned street maps and the tongue in our heads to ask for directions, had to use a call box to make phone calls and had what was called a BT chargecard which direct-dialed the office. None of this electronic stuff…”

But, those days have gone (for better or worse, we don’t know yet) and there is now a whole host of apps available to make life on the road a little easier. Whether you opt for the free apps or shell out a bit of money for the premium ones, there’s no doubt there’s something out there to help you with your job. 

Here is a selection of the top driving apps – paid and free – that can help make navigating on the road just a little bit simpler.

TruckerTimer – Apple £5.99 Android £3.32

Keep track of your driving hours and avoid fatigue violations with this app designed specifically for truck, lorry, and HGV drivers. TruckerTimer is packed with features including timers for WTD regulations, automatic switching between driving and other work based on GPS movement, daily and weekly summaries of all driving activity, and a graphical countdown for each rule to help keep you legal within the many complex rules of the driver’s hours regulations.

Waze Social GPS, Maps, and Traffic – Apple and Android FREE

Even if you know the route Waze can save you time, money and help you avoid traffic. Used by millions of drivers across the country, this community-based map allows users to report hazards and incidents on the road – meaning Waze can make instant routing changes to avoid the traffic and save you time. This app also allows you to use your voice to navigate and report road incidents, so no need to touch your phone.

CamScanner – Apple and Android FREE

Easily use your phone camera to scan receipts and invoices, without compromising on quality. With CamScanner, you can also make annotations on your documents and easily share them as PDF or JPEG files.

Navtruck UK – Apple £99.99 Android £79.99

Unlike consumer navigation apps, Navtruck automatically calculates routes based on your vehicle size, weight, width and load type to avoid truck-restricted and prohibited roads. There is also a choice of routing options including Practical, Shortest, and 53’/102” Trailer or Twins, National Network, and Toll Avoidance.

intruck – UK Truckstop app – Apple and Android FREE

This app finds truck stops all over the UK, including SNAP sites and allows you to make cashless payments to reserve your spot. The app also ensures you don’t arrive at a full site by showing availability in real-time.

HGV Parking – Apple £2.99 Android £1.99

Like intruck, HGV Parking can help you easily locate truck stops, but it also gives detailed information on suitable parking that includes motorway services, garages, car parks, laybys, and industrial areas while also showing fuel locations and low bridge heights. This app is great if you’re not familiar with an area or want to find an alternative to a busy service area.